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Pacific Elevation



Mission Statement

The mission of Pacific Elevation is to provide inspiration and instruction to our clients determined to improve their fitness and health, and year-round basketball training & development to student athletes looking to improve their fundamental skills. 


We are committed to developing our student athletes both on and off the court.  Our goal is to provide the knowledge, motivation, confidence and training necessary to reach their athletic potential in an environment of positive reinforcement, good communication and constant encouragement. 

We seek to inspire, motivate and uplift our clients looking to make a healthy change in their lifestyles by providing fitness and nutritional guidance in and out of the gym. We believe that a motivated mind is the stepping stone to a rich spirit, healthy diet and a transformative figure.

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Pacific Elevation is a Brentwood/Oakley, CA community-based company that was established in 2019 by Kahlil and Melissa Boykin. After serving in a number of Coaching and Volunteer roles over the years, they identified an under-served demographic of female athletes in need of skills development, particularly in basketball. This need became even more apparent when trying to register their daughter for a local basketball team, only to find out the only avenue was through a Co-Ed team that mixed both beginner and intermediate skill sets, with no focus on personal development.


After volunteering countless hours training kids from City-League, CYO and AAU teams, Pacific Elevation naturally evolved, providing a platform for girls and boys of various backgrounds and skillsets, to train with the common goal of elevating their performance to new levels.



I've been coaching youth and High School sports for over 15 years and working as a personal fitness trainer for over 20. However, before I started down my Coaching path, I spent all of my youth playing sports and have been weight training since 17yrs old. I was blessed in life to be mentored, trained and coached by  Uncle's who shared a passion for sports and fitness. Like them, my love and passion drove me to paying forward what I've learned over the years to my kids and others in my community. Since taking this journey, my platform has been a unifying medium to help people stay active and fit through sports, conditioning and training.


My objective is to leverage the knowledge and experience I've gained throughout my life and career to help build a stronger, smarter and healthier community. My goal is to partner with my clients to identify areas of opportunity, highlight their challenges, then develop a custom yet sustainable plan of action. Whether its strength training, conditioning, building muscle mass, toning, weight management and/or fundamental skills training and development, I am trained and ready for the moment I can help #e11vate your mind, body, spirit and soul. #Justelevate

-Coach Kahlil


  • President, Basketball Villains Club

  • Director, Lady Basketball Villains Basketball Program

  • Director, East Diablo CYO Basketball

  • Head Coach, Concord High School Varsity, Girls Basketball

  • Head Coach, Lady Basketball Villains JV Team

  • Personal Fitness Trainer


  • Head Coach, Freedom High School (JV)

  • Assistant Coach, Varsity Girls Basketball at Deer Valley High School (Antioch, CA)

  • Head Coach, Deer Valley High School (JV)

  • Head Coach, Basketball & Youth Sports for CYO Diocese of Oakland (East Diablo Division)

  • Head Coach, Hoyas Basketball Club (Brentwood, CA)

  • Head Coach, Grass Valley Vipers Soccer Club (Oakland, CA)

  • Head Coach, Ballistic United Soccer Club, 11u White Team (Pleasanton, CA)

  • Head Coach, Impact Soccer Club (Brentwood/Oakley, CA)

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We are committed to developing our student athletes both on and off the court. Our goal is to provide the knowledge, motivation, confidence and training necessary to reach their athletic potential in an environment of positive reinforcement, good communication and constant encouragement.

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“As a parent of a young basketball player, my son and I have had privilege of working with Coach Kahlil (I was his team parent). Coach is professional, caring, passionate!  He takes each player and builds on their strengths and has them work on their individual areas of opportunity. He reminds each player that it is up to them to make the choice to better themselves as a player. There are so many qualities that makes him a wonderful coach and amazing role model. His time, attention to detail and persistence sets him in a league of his own!  I look forward to seeing him continue to work and help develop the future athletes as much as he has and continues to help my son. Thanks so much Coach!”

Caleb & Carrie Elmore

“Coach Kahlil takes a lot of pride in coaching basketball!

We've had the privilege of being on his team for my son's first year playing organized basketball, last year. Our experience was an awesome one, that we’ve requested him to be our son's coach again the following season. He puts all of his heart, time and effort coaching the fundamentals of basketball. “

Yola Shiheiber

“Coach Kahlil has a passion for basketball! My daughter has been lucky enough to have Kahlil coach her for the past two years in 5th & 6th grade girls basketball! Her level of play has grown so much not just in skills but in her knowledge of the game! Kahlil is all business and wants to get the most out of the time he is aloud to work with the kids! He is dedicated and educated on the sport and wants to share as much information & training that your child can retain! He fits in time to smile, joke & get the kids laughing yet keeps them on their toes to make sure they are ready to work! He focuses on individual needs (breaking down what you are doing wrong and how to improve) as well as maintaining a team atmosphere where they succeed together and compete together! He changes up their drills from practice to practice to keep them motivated, yet will spend the time needed to properly execute the drills! Kate looks forward to basketball and I look forward to watching her progress! If you or your child has the will and determination to improve your game, Kahlil would be the right fit for you!”

Jamie Skinner

"We love Coach Boykin! He’s been training my daughter since last year and came highly recommended by another coach. He has improved on her defensive skills, penetrating the key and has taught her new plays. His dedication and commitment to the girls is impeccable. He really loves what he does! He is out networking for new opportunities and researching new drills to prepare them for the next level. He communicates well with parents and keeps us all well informed. My daughter and I trust him and he’s become a good friend."

Elaine Monzon

"Self-discipline, grit, camaraderie, and fairness are just part of the attributes which Kahlil conveys through his professional coaching style to his team in every training session. Kahlil is an excellent basketball coach who not only masters the terms of tactical and strategic game play, but also possesses the art of teaching children and young adults the skills of a professional basketball player. Kahlil’s immaculate but respectful coaching style enables the young players to build confidence in their own abilities to thrive excellence, collaborate and win the games.

We experienced Kahlil’s dedication to build an excellent basketball team from young players who had no or limited past basketball skills in the recent year. If you are looking for a committed and professional basketball coach for your child, we absolutely recommend Kahlil."

Maria & Morris Gouda

“I have three kids who have played basketball for years and I can say hands down Kahlil is the best I have ever seen.  I could see my daughters game improve right away.  He is very knowledgeable and extremely dedicated.  He’s the best!”

Michelle Harvey

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Brentwood, CA 94513

Tel: (510) 821-8881


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